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Jun 25, 2016

Laurent BIGUE's professional homepage

This site is slightly being translated to English. Some pages may still remain in French at the moment, so please be patient.

I am currently a Professor at ENSISA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Sud Alsace) which is the ECE School of Engineering of Université de Haute Alsace. I head the Electrical and Control Engineering Department at ENSISA.

My research activities are performed at MIPS laboratory (EA 2332) of Université de Haute Alsace.

Teaching activities:

I have been teaching ECE since 1995. I give my courses at Master's level (first and second years) in the Engineering School ENSISA and for the Master's degree AII of Université de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse.

  • Signal and image processing: Kalman filtering, vision & image processing, multiresolution analysis.
  • Linear control : sampled systems.

My courses are available online for students from UHA only. Waiting for a larger broadcast of this material, please, you can have a look at two websites with French material which helped me in preparing my courses (médiathèque du club EEA and UNIT).

Since June 2012, I have been serving as Director (Dean) of ENSISA.

Research activities:

I have been performing my research activities in MIPS laboratory since 1992, more precisely in the FOTI group (Optical Functions and Information Processing) which I co-head with Prof. Ambs. My main concerns are about optical information processing, ie at the border of electronics, computer engineering and photonics.

  • Diffractive optics and dynamic optical functions: computer generated holograms (CGH), spatial light modulators (SLM).
  • Polarimetric imaging : Stokes imaging; high-speed polarimetry.
  • Textile metrology : study of the surface state of fabrics.

These works all use the same physical support (ie visible light) and the same tools to manipulate it, ie spatial light modulators which act as reconfigurable slides. Until 2003, I had also been involved in optical pattern recognition, whether in coherent or incoherent light.

Further detail can be found in thereafter documents .

Some documents are available online

The following document summarizes my research activities between 1992 and 2003.

Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (38 Mo, .pdf in French)

Among my significant papers, thereafter are listed the most recent ones:

  1. L. Gendre, A. Foulonneau and L. Bigué , "Full Stokes polarimetric imaging using a single ferroelectric liquid crystal device", Opt. Eng. 50 (8), pp. 081209 (2011).
  2. L. Gendre, A. Foulonneau and L. Bigué , "Imaging linear polarimetry using a single ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator", App. Opt. 49 (25), pp. 4687-4699 (2010).

  3. M. Tourlonias, L. Bigué and M.A. Bueno , "Contribution of polarimetric imaging for the characterization of fibrous surface properties at different scales", Opt. Las. Eng. 48 (1), pp.75-82 (2010).

  4. A. Jaulin and L. Bigué , "High speed partial Stokes imaging using a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator", J. Eur. Opt. Soc. - Rapid Pub. 3, pp. 08019 (2008).

  5. A. Jaulin, L. Bigué and P. Ambs, "High-speed degree of polarization imaging with a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator", Opt. Eng. 47 (3), pp. 033201 (2008).

  6. M. Tourlonias, L. Bigué and M.-A. Bueno, "Polarimetric measurements of fabric surfaces", Opt. Eng. 46 (8), pp. 083602 (2007).

The comprehensive list of my publications is available. Electronic reprints are available or will be delivered upon request at





updated Jun 25, 2016